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Broumovské stavební sdružení s.r.o. is an exclusive supplier dealing with supply and installation of BASWAphon acoustic systems in the Czech Republic. Our team participated in a week's training program in Switzerland focused on the installation of systems by BASWA acoustic AG, which was organized especially for our company by the Swiss general supplier Mr. Patrick Bennesch. Our employees received a certificate attesting their expertise. The BASWAphon acoustic systems help reduce the echo period in acoustically critical rooms of any kind. Sound in rooms travels in all directions and is reflected completely or partially from individual surfaces. The BASWAphon acoustic systems are especially suitable in rooms where hard, reflecting surfaces and materials are used (concrete, glass, stone, metal, etc.) and the echo period must be reduced. The system consists of mineral panels that are pasted on ceilings or walls (thickness 30 mm - 65 mm). Two layers of mineral plaster are then applied (thickness approx. 2.5 mm - 3.5 mm). After the final smoothing, the resulting surfaces are joint-free and smooth.

BASWAphon technology offers new design possibilities for designers and architects.

Its major advantages are:

  • Joint-free, smooth and fine surfaces
  • Excellent broadband sound absorption
  • High light reflection factor
  • Minimum loss in the room height
  • Unlimited selection of colours pursuant to NCS
  • Fire resistance
  • Absorption of sound on cooling and heating unit surfaces
  • Natural or recycled materials
  • Various surface effects (upon request)
The system is suitable for:
  • horizontal, vertical and slanted surfaces
  • curved and vaulted surfaces
  • double-curved cupola surfaces

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