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Design and CAD studios

We can provide design documents including the necessary opinions of respective government administration bodies and other participants. Our design office provides comprehensive services relating to construction preparation and implementation.

  • processing of design documents at all stages for residential, leisure, civil, industrial, water-management as well as transport constructions
  • provision of engineering and consultancy services
  • processing of documentation, photo documentation of existing building conditions, certificates
  • we provide radon measurement, geological, hydrogeological and geodetic work, noise measuring, studies and expert opinions in cooperation with outsourced contractors
  • co-ordination of construction of your building
  • author and engineering supervision
  • ... and other activities based on requirements and agreement

Since 1995, we have been using information technologies for our activities which have been amended with a CAD studio for improved quality, speed, and flexibility. The workplace equipped with ArchiCAD and AutoCAD software, and state-of-the-art input and output devices (laser metering equipment, colour scanner A3+, colour plotter A0+ with photorealistic print) ensure professional digital processing and print of large formats.

Thanks to this equipment, we can provide presentations of the designed building to our customers in the maximum photographic quality in the form of static snapshots including the situation of the building into the existing environment (suitable for facade colour proposals) and animations, including camera fly-by and fly-through around as well as through a building. Last but not least there is also the possibility of virtual reality, i.e. a realistic walk through the building based on a customer's direct request. We prefer personal negotiation with a customer; however, we are also able to communicate via the Internet.

The cohesion with the implementation itself is an undoubted advantage in processing design documents. Our design studio processes design documents and construction preparation is carried out not only for our own projects but also outsourced projects for other companies or for DIY constructions.

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