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Broumovské stavební sdružení s.r.o. is an exclusive supplier dealing with supply and installation of BASWAphon acoustic systems in the Czech Republic. Our team participated in a week's training program in Switzerland focused on the installation of systems by BASWA acoustic AG, which was organized especially for our company by the Swiss general supplier Mr. Patrick Bennesch. Our employees received a certificate attesting their expertise. The BASWAphon acoustic systems help reduce the echo period in acoustically critical rooms of any kind.

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Masarykova třída, Broumov

Broumovské stavební sdružení s.r.o., U Horní brány 29, 550 01 Broumov
Phone: +420 491 523 543-5, Mobile phone: +420 777 762 301, E-mail: info@bssbroumov.cz
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